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Digital transformation has a number of benefits for consultants. From establishing new revenue streams to data management to collaboration, digital capabilities transform every part of the consulting workflow, and firms can see clear digital consulting benefits at every step of the way. We at AMO Advisor provide a complete digital consultancy package in which we analyze your business, explains the process to minimize the expenses and maximize the output, we provide solution to problems like domain hosting to target audience, location for your promotions and much more.

Why Digital Consultancy

1. Decreased Time to Value

The market for consultants to come in to a client organization and spend weeks of billable hours just getting to know the business is dwindling. Digitization of the client discovery process allows consultants to gain this knowledge in a fraction of the time, enabling them to bring the client value in the form of initial recommendations from day one.

2. Increased Margins

By using fewer resources to accomplish more, firms are effectively increasing their margins. By using AMO Advisor to digitize the discovery and analysis process, for example, one of our clients reduced time spent from eight to three weeks and the number of analysts needed from four to two. As a result, the firm raised the margin for that engagement by 10%.

3. Repeatable Engagements

Digitization of content allows for easily repeatable engagements, allowing consultants to build recurring “pulses” into their service offerings. Consultants can track client progress with little additional effort and cost, creating recurring revenue streams.

4. Business Growth

By making engagements scalable, consultants free up resources that can be used to grow the business. For smaller firms, digitization may allow consultants to take on more clients than resources previously allowed. For larger firms, digital capabilities can help them bid more competitively and win more business.

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