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9 golden rules an Entrepreneur must follow

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”
Aristotle said these lines more than 2,000 years ago. And it still holds true today. What is the true purpose of life, if not to live a happy life until we die?
Happiness is and should be the most important goal of life, yet many people in their peak working efficiency forget about it for the sake of future but what is the use of money, name, fame when you are not happy today. While saying all this, we never meant you to lower your efficiency or start doing less work, we just want you to live a satisfied and happy life even working in utmost pressure. Read on the Nine Golden Rules that would help you keep yourself happy and satisfied even at peak pressure.

1. Early to Bed

So, you had a long, tiring and hectic day and still a lot of work is pending, many things are going on in your mind what to do, what not to do. Ok leave all this chaos aside and go to bed early. It will relax your mind and you will be fresh enough to increase your productivity today as compared to the previous day.

2. Early Bird

Getting up early offers you a kick starter for the day ahead. Besides permitting you additional hours for the work, it conjointly boosts your speed. Studies show that once an individual gets up early, he’s additional energetic and takes lesser time to perform a task that might take longer otherwise. He/She is additionally improved at taking choices, designing and achieving goals.

3. Exercise

You work for so long that includes mental stress and fatigue, simply do some regular exercise and it will help you regain the mental strength. Moreover, after performing long hours sitting job, you may gain weight and earn laziness, exercise will help you lose weight and combat health conditions and diseases. Also, it improves your mood and boosts your energy.

4. To Do list

There are many benefits of preparing a To-Do list at the start of the day, from helping prioritize the task, to make you accountable for the task once you include it in your list, to feeling productive after having a clear idea of completed tasks, to help you relieve stress as you find your work progress.

5. Goals

Goals offer you a clear concentration on what is vital in your life. Therefore it’s essential to set the personal goal, one initially places confidence in what’s vital and what needs to be accomplished in the life. One can consistently and consciously focus on what’s important as per the career or life as a whole. If one does not set a goal, there is a high probability of spending the energy and time on something which may not be worth the efforts put in.

6. Analysis of Work

A person who wants to reach heights always analyses his/her work. How he spent the whole day, what positives he got in the day, what things he performed that did not convert in the result and how he can improve in converting the work into a result. This activity helps in making a person better by keeping him aware of his positives and negatives and how he is spending his time.

7. Take a Break

Apart from spending most of the time on professional tasks, one must spend some time of the day for himself and with himself only. The time when there is no one around, only you and your thoughts, a freedom to think beyond the profession, career and work. This will surely increase your productivity and will provide you a relaxation from the busy schedule of your body, mind and soul.

8. Smile

Keeping a smiling face all the time helps in boosting the energy as it sends positive vibes to the inner soul and gives a vibe of confidence that no matter what the situation will be, I will tackle it. Apart from that, smiling face attracts everyone and makes you a leader. Science says that Smile improves the immune system. Most importantly smile is absolutely free of cost. So what are you waiting for, keep the smile on the face 😊

9. Lifelong Learning

Learning keeps the body and mind in form. Even 25-30 minutes of learning something new boosts the confidence and produces a positive vibe in the body and mind. One feels fresh and enhances the understanding of the world around us. Continuous learning provides better opportunities and improves the quality of learning.

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